Westergaard Solutions, Inc.

Dr. Carsten Hein Westergaard, President

Visionary industrial technology innovator
Carsten is a mechanical engineer and earned his PhD from the Danish Technical University at the physics department with a dissertation on optical computing and optical laser based flow measurements. During his student years he did research at University of Illinois, was summer student at CERN (particle physics), Switzerland and had an internship at Baker Hugh (oil) in Houston. His more than 80 publications and patents from his industrial career witness a broad technology background and strong innovation capabilities applied in turbulence and flow technology, aerodynamics and acoustics, structural design, composite materials, micro/nano fluids, opto-electronics and imaging technologies, sensors, software and hardware development, energy systems and wind turbine technology.

Collaborative leadership and outreach
Carsten develops people and ideas through his network and outreach. He has held numerous advisory board positions and chaired international and national reviews of large multi-year research programs exceeding $200M p.a. budgets guiding long term research in Denmark, US & UK. While solving challenging problems, results have been delivered in close partnerships with customers, suppliers, research partners, students, public funding bodies and many other types of stakeholders.

Wind energy Expert
Carsten started his engineering career as one of the first engineers at LM Wind Power in the mid 90ies, where he worked with research, design, and manufacturing and customer relations. The clients and partners at the time was Bonus (now Siemens), NordTank and Micon (now merged with Vestas), WindWorld, Tacke (GE), Jacobs, Furlander, Ecotecnia (now Alstom), Risoe National Labs., ECN, Delft and many more.

Executive business development roles
Carsten have held multiple types of corporate roles driving technology solutions and services into tangible results for internal stakeholders and customers identified through his international sales and marketing activities. Listing to customers and clients, Carsten pushes any business to excel and deliver exceptional solutions. He understands the competitive scene and converts the technology advantage into tactical opportunities, while maintaining a strategic outlook and timing perspective. Once it is getting down to business, Carsten will lead and implement the developments needed.

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Josh Bryant, Senior Technical Consultant
Expert in loads analysis and loads calculations. Post and pre-processing of advanced data sets (FAST, multiple CFD codes, Noise analysis etc). Josh has experience with wake modeling of various complexities. Further, Josh has extensive experience with loads data analysis and was the lead engineer on redesigning and erecting the V27 turbines for DOE/Sandia’s new SWIFT test facility in Texas.

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